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Gary Wat Homes is a real estate company aiming to revolutionize the home buying and selling process turning them to the most stress-free and efficient way in Beverly Hills, CA. From selling a beachfront luxury home in Newport Beach to finding the perfect home with the top-rated schools, Gary Wat Homes will help you to achieve your real estate goals. The company relies on CubiCasa to ease the relocation process by providing expertly designed floor plans with precise measurements to their customers.

Meet our customer

Are you ready to meet Gary Wat, the Real Estate Agent and Entrepreneur with a visionary outlook? Whether you’re looking to buy or sell a house, Gary has the experience and expertise to make any real estate dream come true. So, let’s dive into Gary Wat’s inspiring story and discover how CubiCasa has transformed his real estate experiences. Trust us, you won’t want to miss this!

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The Tutor Turned Agent: One Entrepreneur's Story of Success

Gary Wat, a highly successful top-sales agent, is no stranger to success. Before he became a top-performing agent, he ran his own private tutoring school. Gary Wat’s journey in the real estate industry started with a conversation about his school project with a realtor. She recognized his sales skills and offered to invest in his future as a real estate agent. Though hesitant at first, Gary took the leap of faith and has never looked back. Today, he sells about 20 homes a year and brings a vibrant energy to each client he serves.

I remember like it was yesterday. I started having a conversation about my school project. It happened to be a realtor and she was willing to invest on it. But when she was giving me a check, she said ‘You know, I want you to give this to help you become a realtor because you’re very good in sales and you know how to talk to people.’ At first, I refused but I decided to take the risk. Currently, I do a lot better than when I was teaching kids– Gary WatGary Wat profile picture


The thrilling journey of a real estate agent

The real estate industry is one of the most demanding and continuously evolving industries. While there is no secret formula for becoming the most successful agent in the market, possessing key technical and interpersonal skills can be incredibly helpful.

So, how exactly do these skills help? With a passion for helping people and a daily curiosity, one can provide a unique and trustworthy experience from the very first moment of interaction.

II like people. I like to interact with people and make them successful. For me, being successful is not about knowing how to do things, but the mindset that you have is. Why? In any business 80% is psychology and 20% mechanics. It’s all about being able to motivate yourself, the passion that you carry every day and the willingness to do better and constantly improve.
– Gary Wat Gary Wat profile picture

Discovering CubiCasa

A study conducted by Zillow has revealed that 64% of homebuyers expect to see floor plans on a listing and 93% of buyers are more likely to show interest in a property that features a floor plan. As a real estate agent, Gary Wat understands the significance of utilizing every tool that can add value to his clients and his business.

Gary first encountered CubiCasa at the Inman Conference in Las Vegas. While on the phone with a client, walking up to the CubiCasa booth, the client expressed their desire for a floor plan. Gary immediately started making phone calls to surveyors. However, everything changed when he began speaking with the CubiCasa staff and was impressed by the speed and accuracy of creating floor plans.

I was at the Inman conference in Vegas, and your solution was just exactly was I was needing. I was so impressed with your solution that I decided to cancel all the surveyors. It’s exactly how it was told to me in the booth, you get your phone, scan the different rooms and the results are, indeed, amazing. I called my former assistant in LA telling her that I found a game-changer app and we needed a floor plan right away. She download the app and the result turned out perfect ” – Gary Wat Gary Wat profile picture

Maximizing Your Sales Potential with High-Quality Floor Plans

Gary’s work in real estate was revolutionized when he discovered the CubiCasa app at the Inman Conference in Vegas. Our floor plan app empowers agents like you to create accurate and detailed 2D floor plans in just a matter of minutes, using just your phone.

With this innovative floor plan app, Gary can now create floor plans in just a few minutes, without having to spend hundreds of dollars. He can now devote more time to taking care of his business and building profitable relationships. Don’t just take Gary’s word for it, try CubiCasa for yourself and experience the game-changing difference it can make in your business.

I incorporate CubiCasa floor plans in every single listing. It’s an amazing and easy tool and it has the advantage of using your own phone rather than actually asking other companies to do it. There is no reason to not include floor plans in your listing. The buyers will understand how the house flow feels and if meets theirs needs. My customers are my priority and my best asset ” – Gary Wat Gary Wat profile picture

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"While in most programs you have to scan each room, click at each wall, add doors, windows and openings, etc. I love that CubiCasa does all of that for you in one single scan!"

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"HomeVisit has had great success since day one of using CubiCasa floor plans. Especially turn around time and customer support has far exceeded our expectations."

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"I have not found an app that comes anywhere near CubiCasa. The clear advantage is ease of use and fast accurate results."

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