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Unlocking new opportunities in the Real Estate Industry

New opportunities are being created in the Real Estate industry as more people choose to pursue a career conducting inspections to ensure compliance with laws and regulations. The National Association of Field Inspectors (NAOFI) LLC offers a unique chance to become a certified inspector through their e-learning course. Once qualified, participants will not only be able to earn extra income by working as an independent field inspector but also develop their skill set. Our interviewee, John Luna, is one of the inspectors who shared his CubiCasa story with us.

Meet our customer

John Luna, a Texas All Lines Claims Adjuster and an Agent at Texas Premier Realty, is a highly-skilled professional in the Inspections industry. He’s originally from a small west Texas Town and moved to Houston to build a new life.

John is always on the lookout for new techniques and tools to boost his productivity and efficiency. With over 17 years of experience within real estate as a real estate agent and 5 years as an Insurance Adjuster, we’re very excited to share his unique story and experience using CubiCasa. Get ready to be inspired by John Lunas’ story!

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Inspecting properties as a rewarding career

Embarking on a career change can be a daunting prospect,  but it can also lead to a world of exciting possibilities. John Luna is a prime example of the benefits of taking that leap of faith. He embarked on a journey that ultimately led him to discover his true passion – inspecting properties. With his newfound knowledge in building maintenance, safety, and cost evaluation, John has found success and fulfillment in his work.

My professional path took many ventures. I started as an Assistant, then as Maintenance Supervisor, which gave me the opportunity to learn everything about inspecting properties. Then, I decided to work as an agent in 2007, and more recently, I wanted to do something different so I became an Insurance Adjuster in 2018. I completely love what I do and I can finally say that I found my purpose in life” – John Luna Insurance Adjuster John Luna profile image


Life of an Insurance Adjuster in today’s competitive market

Insurance adjusters play an important role in the real estate industry by providing accurate, unbiased, and reliable information about a property’s condition. However, in today’s market, simply having technical and interpersonal skills is no longer enough. Successful adjusters need to be adaptable, strategic, and tech-savvy. Despite the challenges of an ever-changing market, adjusters who possess these qualities can thrive and continue to make a significant impact in the industry.

I was a full-time agent and doing mortgage, back in 2008, when the financial crisis started. During this period, I learnt one of the most important lessons: never to put all your eggs in the same basket. I felt the impact of not doing it earlier on. Currently, I do all kinds of inspections, which helps me not only to diversify my sources of income but also to increase my earning potential in a highly competitive market
– John Luna Insurance Adjuster John Luna profile image

Discovering CubiCasa

John Luna, a real estate agent and insurance adjuster, understands the significance of utilizing software to produce precise and detailed floor plans during inspections. Whenever he receives a claim, he travels to the property and captures exterior and interior photos of every room to assess any potential damages. 

The most challenging part of the process is measuring the house using a laser measurement, drawing it by hand on paper, and transferring it to sketching software like Xactimate or Symbility. However, John began to realize how time-consuming and difficult this aspect of his job was. As a result, he decided to research technologies that could scan and take measurements automatically. This is when he discovered CubiCasa. John was impressed with the technology’s ability to scan an entire property and provide measurements in only 10 minutes, rather than one hour with tape measurements.

The sketches are just so complicated to me. I’m definitely not an artist and CubiCasa is a game-changer for my business. The first time that I tried, it turned out perfect. From now, I go to a house, I take photos and I scan everything within 10 min with my phone. In less than 24 hours, I have an accurate floor plan with all the room measurements. No more hand drawing or transferring to a software – CubiCasa does it for me!” – John Luna Insurance Adjuster John Luna profile image

Reaching new levels of productivity in inspections

Are you an Insurance Adjuster? Are you tired of spending hours manually drawing properties on paper? John Luna was once in the same position, but his experience changed after discovering CubiCasa app – a revolutionary floor plan solution that is transforming property inspections.

With the help of our floor plan app, insurance adjusters like you can create accurate and detailed 2D floor plans in just a matter of minutes. This can help you to estimate claims more efficiently and faster than traditional methods. Follow in the footsteps of our satisfied customer, John Luna, and upgrade your inspection process with CubiCasa today!

Innovation and adopting new technologies is key in every industry. The insurance industry requires you to know where the different rooms are located, and the respective measurements. And, there is where CubiCasa comes in. I truly believe in the potential of CubiCasa and how impactful it’s on my daily inspections. If your are in the inspections industry and you’re not using CubiCasa, you are losing the opportunity to work more efficiently, leading to more satisfied customers and better outcomes for all parties involved” – John LunaInsurance Adjuster John Luna profile image

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