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Maxfield Property Management is a real estate company that sells, manages, and leases properties in Salt Lake City and its surrounding areas. For over 16 years they have helped clients find the perfect place to call home with ease and peace of mind. 

Maxfield’s goal is to simplify processes in the most effective way so they can provide the most helpful, personal, and hassle-free services possible to their clients. 

Meet our customer

We spoke to Derek Seal, Owner and Master Property Manager of Maxfield Property Management, to learn more about his experience with CubiCasa. This is his story. 

More to floor plans than meets the eye

Floor plans were once reserved only for the larger, higher-end properties due to the cost of obtaining them. But Maxfield has been using floor plans for numerous years now to help clients weed out showings that didn’t tick the boxes they were looking for when searching for a home. 

In order to to obtain floor plans with measurements, Maxfield used to order measuring services through Home Depot — the most cost-effective option at that time. Until one day, the service became unavailable.

But the demand for floor plans continued to grow.

They needed a solution that is easy, time-saving, and cost-effective.   

“We manage single-family residential properties, and people like having floor plans to look at. Floor plans set us apart from other property managers because other management companies rarely do floor plans for single-family homes.  The apartment industry has used floor plans for years to help lease their properties and today’s renter is expecting it.” – Derek Seal


Along came CubiCasa

Derek has always been one to try out new technology to improve the home searching experience for Maxfield’s clients. That was how CubiCasa came into the picture.   

CubiCasa allows Maxfield to create floor plans without skyrocketing costs — and using only a mobile app.

Thanks to its technology, the company can create floor plans without needing to outsource the task or invest in expensive equipment.

Now Maxfield uses CubiCasa to create floor plans for all of their property listings regardless of price point or the size of the property.

“The learning curve was very low. It was very intuitive and easy. I did make a few mistakes the first or second time, but now it’s just second nature. It doesn’t take more than a few minutes to make a scan.”
– Derek Seal

Adding floor plans opened up markets for Maxfield

CubiCasa has helped Maxfield increase and improve their marketing efforts. It’s largely due to floor plans providing better perspectives of a property when viewed alongside pictures or video tours.

Before, it would cost approximately an additional $150 to obtain a floor plan for marketing purposes. Hence the reason floor plans were reserved only for luxury properties or for apartments that shared the same floor plan. 

With CubiCasa, adding a floor plan became so much more affordable. Their goal of delighting clients with a helpful and hassle-free service is now easier to achieve than ever — especially for the ones who are relocating from outside the area. 

“It doesn’t take more than extra five to ten minutes in the workflow to get the scan done. It’s as fast as you can walk the property. Then you hit the upload button and wait for it to come back. It’s very easy to download the files we need for our marketing.” – Derek Seal

Ensuring fair transactions with floor plans

Floor plans help ensure fair transactions for home buyers too — especially when old county records of the property are incorrect. 

“One of the things we tell our clients is that we use this cool software that checks the square footage of the property to make sure we’re on the same page with other data sources.” – Derek Seal

Apart from that, Maxfield also uses floor plans in their property management processes such as estimating the cost of remodeling or cleaning a property. 

Measurements on the floor plans are helpful in ensuring vendors aren’t overcharging for their services. In instances where it happened, bills were adjusted later on because Maxfield had floor plans to show the exact square footage of the area. 

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"HomeVisit has had great success since day one of using CubiCasa floor plans. Especially turn around time and customer support has far exceeded our expectations."

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