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Innovative Uses for Floor Plans that You’ve Never Even Thought Of

New Opportunities for Using Floor Plans are Emerging…

Most of us are aware of the changes taking place in the real estate industry, thanks to emerging technology. Some examples of these changes are increased data automation and the demand from customers to make the experience convenient by communicating via smartphone.  There has been a rise in demand for aerial real estate footage to confirm property details and highlight features. Virtual and augmented reality property tours are becoming more common. These changes have been accelerated by the Coronavirus situation.  Consumers are making more decisions through online research as opposed to in-person property tours. Floor Plans are an important part of the picture.

A Comprehensive Residential Real Estate Marketing Package Includes a Floor Plan

In a National Association of Realtors survey, floor plans and virtual tours were ranked the highest of “very useful” features by 90% of home buyers searching online properties. As consumers come to expect this information to be available in all cases, the trend will most likely expand into other areas as well.


floor plan with pool
Floor Plan by Aeon Jones (owner of AVIA media group)
photography nevada
Property Photography by AVIA media group

Commercial Real Estate

As with residential real estate, floor plans complement commercial property listings and provide a better overall understanding of the commercial building design. Wide shots in a large commercial space do little to explain scale, but the addition of a commercial floor plan clearly provides the necessary dimensions and defines the scope of the property.

Retail Stores

Consumers continue to research all aspects of their purchases online prior to in-person shopping trips. More retailers want to provide an idea of their stores so their customer is familiar before they ever visit. Having quality photography and a retail store floor plan available for customers to pre-shop is becoming more common.

Commercial Real Estate Photograph of Retail Storefront Guitar Center Tacoma, WA
Retail Storefront Guitar Center Tacoma, WA
Commercial Floor Plan Image Guitar Center Tacoma, WA
2D Floor plan of Guitar Center, Tacoma, WA
commercial space floor plan photograph
Guitar section Guitar Center, Tacoma, WA


To take this a step further, retailers in certain categories, such as home furnishings, flooring, and paint might consider integrating floor plans as a tool to help customers. For example, If a customer wants to paint a room but has no idea of the size, the retailer might consider an integration that would allow the customer to create a floor plan and calculate how much paint they need to purchase before they shop.  In the grocery store, imagine eliminating the frustration of trying to find an item, with a searchable, interactive map attached to your shopping cart!  No matter the retail business, the visual information contained in a floor plan makes life easier for customers.

Service Businesses

Any service business we can think of could benefit from having professional photography and a floor plan shown on their website. Some examples include the local gym, salon, art studio, and coffee shop. Having a floor plan for wedding reception venues, and any other event venue, is essential information for potential clients. In all these situations, consumers want to “see” the business before they decide to visit in person. Floor plans allow them to visualize it and quickly find what they are looking for.  

A business operating in a shopping mall setting can provide easy navigation for their customers by showing a floor plan on their website. This could also be sent to customers as part of confirmation if there is an online order or appointment booked.   


Commercial Real Estate Photography The Rock, Lake Tapps, WA

Commercial Real Estate Photograph The Rock, Lake Tapps, WA
Commercial Real Estate Photographs, The Rock, Lake Tapps, WA
2D floor plan with interactive hotspots

As restaurants reopen, professional photography paired with a floor plan showing the current restaurant layout might help customers feel more confident about returning. A floor plan with interactive hotspots gives context to help a customer visualize the space, or a floor plan can be included in a virtual tour, see examples here. For restaurants offering an online booking option, customers could even select their table when making their reservations.

Concert Dance Halls

Kim Tinuviel, owner of Dragonfly Visual Media & Design shared with us a beautiful floor plan of a wild west hall in Arizona, US.

“Just wanted to share my favorite CubiCasa scan up to this point. This is a historic riverfront “wild west” “river-rat” bar/cantina/concert-dance hall in Parker Arizona. In all, it’s about 22,000 sq ft. The day I scanned, it was mid-renovation and the reno had stalled, so there were piles of lumber and partially-completed stud walls everywhere. Many doorways were blocked, and the power was off too much of the interior. I had to use a flashlight for much of the scan. I also got some exterior aerials, so I could add in the docks and check the irregular shapes and weird angles in the floorplan for accuracy. Enjoy!”

restaurant photography real estate

real estate photography

floor plan Kim Tinuviel commercial
All images ©Dragonfly Visual Media & Design

No Shortage of Ideas for Places to use Floor Plans

Indoor Horse Arena Buildings

Floor plan of a 31,000 sq ft horse arena? Nothing seems impossible with the CubiCasa scanning app.

John & Jen Beatty (owners of Open Tours) proved that with CubiCasa you can create floor plans even for massive spaces. 

“Very pleased with the results of this massive 31,000 sq ft horse arena scan. We had to break it into two halves and join them together. CubiCasa did offer to join them for us but we were able to do it ourselves. CubiCasa support also removed the second charge for us.”

horse arena building real estate photography

floor plan horse arena building
All images Open Tours (Jon & Jen Beatty)


Manufacturing Facility Layout

Manufacturing businesses and factories might benefit from having a simple floor plan to refer to for things such as wiring, cabling, placement of security cameras, and so on.  Having a floor plan readily available will allow for effective manufacturing facility layout and design. Companies with large distribution centers might use floor plans as a tool to plan routes for automated guided vehicles. 

Security Applications

Residential and commercial security companies might use a floor plan to work with for planning the location of cameras and other equipment.  Once the security system is in place, a floor plan might also be used to show real-time status of open and locked doors, and monitor how many people are in the building using heatmaps.


Insurance agencies may benefit from floor plans, in addition to photography, to document all aspects of a property. Having this information prepared and on hand ahead of time will help support and streamline the claims process.


Homeowners considering doing any home remodeling need a floor plan in order to begin planning for layout renovation, whether they are planning to find a contractor to work with, hire professionals, or do the work themselves. According to a 2021 survey commissioned by Coldwell Banker Real Estate, 89% of home sellers reported making upgrades before selling. We are seeing new models in the home improvement space that specialize in pre-sale home improvements. With these companies completing work 65% faster than the average contractor (according to Curbio) a floor plan can quickly communicate the specifics of the project to all those involved and help to provide an accurate quote for the project.

Co-Working Spaces

Photo by Austin Distel

Co-Working spaces need both photos and floor plans in order to decide on the workspace floor plan that will provide the best use of the available space. Once the co-working space has been arranged to provide the best layout, a finished floor plan will be necessary for marketing to customers considering a lease. Potential users will want to have the best office layout for their business and will need to understand if the space is an open floor plan with desks, or more private office spaces.

Interior Design and Layout

For interior designers who are preparing an estimate, doing a simple floor plan scan eliminates the need for a hand-drawn interior design sketch. CubiCasa provides an easy planning tool to use at this stage, to help with remodeling or room layout, before a designer would want to invest too much time in a project that is not yet confirmed. 

Vacation Rental Properties

The imaging needs for marketing vacation rental properties are quite similar to those for real estate listings.  Professional photography paired with a floor plan for the vacation rental will make that listing stand out from the others and shine online.  This feature is especially important for people booking a room in a private home, as it will clearly show where the room is located in relation to the shared areas of the home.

Photo by Adam Winger

Image Maps and Navigation 

Floor plans can be used to create an image map for home automation or to provide indoor navigation for meetings or events that take place in large buildings.  A floor plan could be the navigation center for your game, applications, or virtual tour of an architectural structure.

Smart Homes

As our homes continue to get smarter, the need for a convenient way to control our many smart devices is increasing. A floor plan can provide a basis for the control of all devices from one interface, from security systems to refrigerators.  The ability to zoom in to control appliances or alarm systems in one room at a time, or set up a robot’s vacuuming path and schedule are examples of things that can be integrated by using a floor plan.

Modernizing Property Data Collection and the Appraisal Process

A Simple, Elegant Solution to Property Data Collection: CubiCasa Digital GLA provides Accurate Measurements, based on ANSI standards, and a Floor Plan. 

The ability to capture accurate property information, including GLA and TSF, is one component that is contributing to the modernization of the real estate appraisal process.  Based on research conducted by Clear Capital, “CubiCasa matches the accuracy of the current traditional appraisal sketching process, but with dramatically less inconsistency and variance in results. The standard deviation of two different appraisers is more than double that of what we see with CubiCasa.”


county provides information to appraisers
Traditional Method. County Record of Measurements

CubiCasa Digital GLA (Gross Living Area) software for appraisers
Digital GLA (Gross Living Area) sketch created by appraisers with CubiCasa app

black and white floor plan real estate photographers, appraisers
Black and White 2D floor plan created with CubiCasa app

Examples of a traditional county record, CubiCasa Digital GLA, and a CubiCasa Floor Plan

In the past, measuring a property and delivering a floor plan was a time-consuming project. But now, CubiCasa GLA offers a simple, reliable tool that can be used by photographers, real estate agents, property managers, and appraisers.  The process is simple and delivers GLA information and an accurate, ready-to-use floor plan the next day.  

Floor Plans Provide Helpful Information in Any Case

Creating a robust online presence will only help any business to be successful. Floor plans are an important element of a business’s digital image and allow them to begin creating a relationship with potential customers. For planning a design or remodeling project, a floor plan is invaluable. Having a floor plan to refer to for maintenance issues can save valuable time and money in the future. Now that it is simple and economical to create floor plans, we can be sure their popularity will continue to grow in all industries.

Author: Tammy Dwight

Tammy is a real estate photographer based in the Pacific Northwest and a Community Manager at CubiCasa. She is interested in how emerging technologies will be used to meet the imaging needs of the real estate industry in the future.

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