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CubiCasaTM Announces Launch of New Floor Plan Products Intended to Lower Cost and Speed Delivery

CubiCasa’s scanning technology provides fast and accurate digital floor plans, 

helping real estate agents deliver a more frictionless experience for sellers 


SAN JOSE, CA – April 19, 2022 – CubiCasa, a global-reaching real estate software company headquartered in Oulu, Finland, today announced that it will be launching new floor plan and expedited delivery options in April for all customers worldwide. CubiCasa will now offer a simplified “Base” floor plan option that is ideal for property data collection and appraisal, as well as a more detailed and feature-rich “Plus” floor plan option that is designed for real estate marketing purposes, and an industry-leading rush delivery option.

CubiCasa’s mobile capture technology can be used without prior training by anyone with a smartphone. From a simple walk-through of a home, the technology produces a highly-precise floor plan and calculates gross living area (GLA) aligned with American National Standards Institute (ANSI) standards in approximately five minutes. Real estate agents can conduct scans themselves, or work with one of the thousands of real estate photography companies currently using CubiCasa’s app.

CubiCasa’s technology is aligned with the digital floor plan requirements for desktop appraisals recently put in place by government-sponsored enterprises (GSEs) Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac. The app provides secure, machine-generated data on square footage, room dimensions, and more. Agents can get a seller’s listing “desktop ready” and enable faster closings, with less uncertainty and delay as all parties wait for the appraisal.

“The desktop appraisal is the most substantial modernization to the appraisal process in decades,” said Jeff Allen, President of CubiCasa. “We believe digital floor plans present agents with an opportunity to deliver a better experience for their sellers while making the property more attractive to potential buyers. With our updated floor plan options, app features, and new pricing structure, our product can be leveraged by a wider segment of real estate professionals, from agents to appraisers, to photographers.”

Since its launch in 2019, CubiCasa has continued to evolve and update its property data collection technology, making it possible to produce digital floor plans and generate floor dimensions within minutes. The “Plus Floor Plan” includes a white-labeled customizable floor plan and GLA and is priced at $29.99 per scan for all users – making it more accessible to a greater audience. The “Base Floor Plan” option will include the essential elements, an ANSI-aligned GLA floor plan that progressively outlines the flow of the dimensions. It is priced at $22.99 per scan for all users. For an additional charge, users can receive either product’s results within a six-hour, express turnaround.

CubiCasa is also preparing to launch GoToScanTM, the Company’s unique new invite-based scanning platform. Simply send a GoToScan link to your customer, let them scan the property without creating an account or paying for the scan, and you’ll receive a digital version of the floor plan within 24 hours. The mobile app will be available on the App Store in the U.S. and will be integrated into web applications to reduce manual steps from scheduling and job assignment to delivery and custom floor plan styles.

CubiCasa’s web portal interface has also received an update, making processes faster and more user-friendly, while the mobile app sees a change in its order submission process, allowing users to choose a floor plan style while making an order. CubiCasa also features a suite of enterprise developer tools that make it easy for large real estate firms and technology players to seamlessly integrate the Company’s scanning technology into their own tech stacks.


About CubiCasa: 

Headquartered in Oulu, Finland, CubiCasa is the global market leader in mobile indoor scanning and is known for its fast and easy-to-use floor plan app on the App Store and Google Play Store. CubiCasa’s technology is used in 157 different countries and has helped create over 1 million floor plans to date. CubiCasa provides technology for the real estate, appraisal, and mortgage industries and is on a mission to digitize real estate.


Media Contact:

Ross Stevens

Caliber Corporate Advisers for CubiCasa



Author: Anastasia Corjan

Anastasia is a digital marketing strategist who is passionate about creating ROI-driven content strategies. Enthusiastic technology evangelist that loves working within the real estate and PropTech industry.

We're building technology to digitize the real estate around us, and while doing it, helping families to find better homes, approve mortgages and renovate their homes. We are located in Oulu, Helsinki, San Jose, and Ho Chi Minh City. Currently we are especially looking for software developers to join our team.

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We launched a new solution for appraisals that allows capturing Gross Living Area (GLA) with a mobile device. Our new digital GLA service allows you to get true GLA according to ANSI standards without measuring or drawing.

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