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5 smart ways to generate quality real estate leads online

Whether you’re a full-time real estate agent or just a newbie, you know that the competition is fierce. But have you already heard that there are more than 2 million real estate agents in the United States only? NAR counts over 1,3 million from those to be licensed realtors. This sounds competitive and challenging. So let’s see some real estate lead generation tactics on how to stand out and get the most from this industry.

1. Host a first-time buyer webinar

Buying a house for the first time can be a stressful process. Hosting a first-time buyer webinar is a great way to attract attention from first-time buyers and showcase your expertise. In addition, first-time buyers usually have friends in the same situation so creating a professional and helpful first impression will get you more leads down the road. You could start with topics such as “steps in the home buying process”, “how to stay within your budget when buying a house”, “inspection checklist before buying a house” and “how to assess the market”. The most important part is to provide accurate and useful information to your audience, in that way you can convert leads into potential loyal customers.

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2. Write in-depth blog posts about neighborhoods in your area

Showcasing your local expertise in your blog will attract the attention of home buyers reviewing their future neighborhood. Your article might cover schools, restaurant recommendations, yearly events, and other community activities in the area. And yes, if any local businesses or public actors notice your blog posts, they might share them on their own social media or even link back to you. Link-building and social shares are not only valuable for your brand recognition, but they will also improve your ranking on search engines. Just the right way to enable your real estate “lead generation machine”!

3. Improve your SEO with newly updated Google PageSpeed insights

Google updated its PageSpeed insights in March 2019 and the focus has transitioned more to mobile usability and speed. Running your site against the new speed test will point out things to improve and help you to increase your Google ranking in comparison to your competitors. One of the easiest actions you could do is to improve the speed of your page. And the quickest action is to optimize your images to a proper resolution. The truth is that big size images make your website load slower and this can determine your visitors to leave the page. Hence, the recommended size is something around 2000 pixels wide for a background image and around 1000-1100 pixels wide for other images on your website. On Mac, you can do that by adjusting the size, and on other computers, you can use resizing apps. It’s simple but effective.

Do you have some IT knowledge or your website is managed by a web developer? You might consider to enable compression, minify CSS, JavaScript and HTML as well.

4. Promote local businesses in your social media

To build up your personal brand, partner up with local brands and products and hire your photographer to take some product shots while shooting your newest listing. Make a deal to receive attribution from local businesses when they are using your photos in social media. This way you’ll reach brand new audiences and attract potential buyers through your partners’ social media accounts.

5. Increase the engagement to your listing with floor plans

Zillow states that floor plan is the second most important feature on a listing and correlates with capturing potential leads.  Rightmove noted that including floor plans in the listings can translate in an increase of 52% in click-throughs. Since it is the best way to collect information about the room layout and to show “how the rooms communicate with each other”, floor plan is considered an important asset. Indeed, photos are good visual assets, however, the buyer may feel the lack of context. Floor plans give structure to photos in the listing. A new scanning app has made capturing a floor plan easy and inexpensive by only using a smartphone. This software has already gained traction with real estate agents and photographers helping them to create professional floor plans.

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We hope these real estate lead generation tactics will help you expand your business and get many more customers!

Author: Anastasia Corjan

Anastasia is a digital marketing strategist who is passionate about creating ROI-driven content strategies. Enthusiastic technology evangelist that loves working within the real estate and PropTech industry.

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