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JS Photography is a full-service real estate media company that provides video, listing photography and brand development services in Auckland. For over 10 years he provided high quality photography services to real estate clients.

Quality of the visual material is the key driving factor for his work and that keeps him very motivated. Jason wants to do the best quality for every home and client.

Meet our customer

We spoke to Jason Sun, Owner of JS Photography, to learn more about his experience with CubiCasa. Let’s dive into his real estate photography journey & experience with CubiCasa. This is his story.  Jason Bo


Real estate photography market in New Zealand

New Zealand based photographer Jason Sun, has been a professional real estate photographer since 2011. He is operating as full time and he does shoots all over Auckland that has a population of 1.4 million people.

New Zealand is a really interesting market overall. Real estate agents are using professional photographers on almost every listing, you rarely see a listing with mobile initiated pictures. The home prices have soared sky high during the last 20 years and there are lots of people who have made good money from real estate. Now the economy has cooled down quite a lot and that has had an impact on real estate as well. Local photographer groups are the main sources to get new information and be on top of the latest trends for photography professionals.

From a photo shoot to a 10-year photography career

Photography was always considered as a hobby to Jason, and everything started when, one day, a friend – a real estate agent – asked him to shoot one property. To this day, Jason offers a wide range of services, including photos, drone photo/video, and 2D floor plans. Also, he has a partner that helps with the video recordings, helping him save time on site. Currently, Jason counts over 20 real estate agents as customers.

“As a photographer what I like the most is without a doubt the results on clients’ life. Whether to put a property on the market or to attract more potential customers to an Open House. Results to my clients are what drives me.” – Jason Sun Jason Bo

Discovered CubiCasa floor plan app

Better than pen’n’paper

Jason has always been one to try out new technology to provide more visual assets for his real estate clients. That was how CubiCasa came into the picture.

For years, he was using the good old pen’n’paper method but ultimately he recognized that it is really a time consuming part of his work. Measuring a bigger home could have taken up to 90 minutes. That is way too much compared to the price he got from selling the floor plan product. And then, he discovered CubiCasa app that allows him to create affordable floor plans in a hassle-free manner — by using only a smartphone.

“Now with CubiCasa App it takes only 10-15 minutes to scan the property and get an accurate floor plan back in just a couple of hours. ”
– Jason Sun

Floor plan for very photo shoot

CubiCasa has helped Jason save time on-site by creating floor plans in minutes enabling him to shoot more homes in a day. Thanks to the scanning technology, he can create floor plans without needing to outsource the task or invest in costly equipment.

He heard about CubiCasa from his video partner couple of years ago and since then he has been using it for almost every photo shooting assignment regardless of the size of the property.

“I am really happy with CubiCasa service since it helped me to save a major amount of time on site. This enables me to make more photo shoots and more profitable business overall.” – Jason Sun Jason Bo

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Compress hours of fieldwork into a 5-minute scanning process. All you need is your mobile phone and the CubiCasa app!📱

"While in most programs you have to scan each room, click at each wall, add doors, windows and openings, etc. I love that CubiCasa does all of that for you in one single scan!"

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"HomeVisit has had great success since day one of using CubiCasa floor plans. Especially turn around time and customer support has far exceeded our expectations."

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"I have not found an app that comes anywhere near CubiCasa. The clear advantage is ease of use and fast accurate results."

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