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FAQ for APIs

General Questions

  • What are the differences between Integrate API and Exporter API?
    • You can use the Integrate API to get webhook notifications from orders that are delivered (and of course other status updates) and then render the floor plans with your own style. For floor plan rendering you would need to use Exporter API which will return URLs to images. In addition to that, the Integrate API will serve you the same floor plan images that are on your CubiCasa account.
  • Do you have a Model ID with all fixed furniture elements for testing purposes?
    • Yes, please use the following Model ID: “63691682-d524-4709-b3c1-ca950990a2eb”.
  • How can I get the Model ID for the Exporter API?
    • When you create the ticket using the Integrate or Conversion API you will receive through your delivery webhook content.
  • I am trying to integrate Cubicasa with HDPhoto Hub but HDPH is giving me a “Check your API Key” error. Can you help with this?
    • Please reach out to HDPhoto Hub support.

Integrate API

  • How can we decide who should receive the notifications?
    • By default, Integrate API sends delivery notifications to your webhook. You should define in your system who should receive what and through which communication channel.

Exporter API

  • I am trying to get the Exporter API working but I don’t know where to find the Model ID. Where can I get that, and do you have one I could use to test?
    • The Model ID is included in the Integrate API and Conversion API delivery webhook content. Alternatively you can use our testing Model (Model ID: “63691682-d524-4709-b3c1-ca950990a2eb”) to render floor plans with Exporter API.
  • I’m trying to use the Exporter API, but I’m getting an error in response {“status_code”: 500, “error_msg”: “internal server error”, “result”: false}. Can you help me, please?
    • Please reach out to and include your exporter config JSON and Model ID in the email. Our developer team will help to resolve the issue.
  • Is it possible to get more than 1 format when using the Exporter API?
    • Yes, you can include multiple exports inside on exporter config. See examples here.
  • In Exporter API, I am using “overlay” in JSON config to have the disclaimer text in the floor plan’s PDF file.
    I was able to add multiline texts (texts in array) but the texts are center aligned. Is they a way to align the texts to the left?

    • Unfortunately, only centered text is available at this moment.

Conversion API

  • How can I do an end-to-end test?
    • We do not process the scans sent to sandbox, it only validates the body structure. So once you are confident with the post body, please use the SDK to create the scan ZIP files and send those to the production environment, this way we can help you achieve end-to-end testing.
  • I am testing an app with the Conversion API sandbox, but receive a SSL/https related error. What should I do?
    • Our sandbox server doesn’t support SSL connection. Please use non SSL connection (http://).
  • I can’t seem to see the orders/tickets I create using the staging API. Can you help me?
    • The Conversion API sandbox doesn’t actually create the tickets, it just validates the POST content.
  • I’m facing some issues when I try to use the Fix Request for my orders sent through the Conversion API. Error: read ECONNRESET. What should I do?
    • Sandbox doesn’t process fix requests as tickets are not created on sandbox. Please use production endpoints to test fix requests. The production endpoint should be ””. For Fix Requests to work, it should be made to an order that is finalized on our end through production.
  • I cannot submit a Fix Request, I get the error 403 with the message ‘User not permitted’. Why am I getting this error?
    • Submitting a Fix Request requires the same API Key used for creating the ticket and, that is where this message originates from.
  • Can I test the Fix Request for Conversion API in the sandbox?
    • No, the Conversion API doesn’t have staging/sandbox, hence, if you want to test Fix Requests you need to follow the steps below:
    1. Create a ticket to production
    2. Get the ticket delivered
    3. Create a Fix Request to production with that ticket ID
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