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Users can select to show compass on floor plans. Please note that the compass is an experimental feature. 

The app uses GPS on the device to determine the compass, so user must allow location services on the device to get the compass to their floor plans.

How to enable compass:

  1. Go to styling settings and tick the box:
  2. Allow location services from you device settings:


1. Go to settings
2. Select CubiCasa
3. Location → While Using the App
4. Allow Precise Location


From Quick Settings
1. Swipe down to open settings
2. Select Location

From Settings
1. Select Location
2. Turn on the location permissions

Location accuracy

If the location is wrong, you can try to improve the location accuracy with these tips:

  1. Turn on wi-fi
  2. Remove any nearby magnets, for example a case and pop socket and restart the device
  3. Stay away from metal objects and objects that generate a strong magnetic field
  4. Calibrate the compass on your device

Please read here on how to calibrate compass on Android and iOS devices (links to external sites).

It is possible to edit the compass values, add or hide the compass on Quick Edit. Read more.

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