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CubiCasa™ enables Virtual Reality access for all Manhattan Residential Properties in 2017

  • After launching an on-demand floor plan service for real estate agents, CubiCasa seeks to reinvent the real estate listing format
  • All roughly one million Manhattan residential properties are made available as virtual reality compatible 3D models
  • CubiCasa also unveils new Image Recognition API for listings’ visual content analysis
  • A-round starts early 2017

28th November 2016, Oulu, Finland – CubiCasa™ continues improving real estate marketing with large ambition: by the end of 2017, all Manhattan residential apartments are available as virtual reality compatible 3D models. Together with digital floor plan images, they are made available via CubiCasa on-demand platform service. All roughly one million Manhattan units are offered for real estate agents, brokers and service providers for helping buyers and renters to make informed decisions on the world’s most sought-after property market. CubiCasa uses AI powered computer vision solution and other related technologies to achieve the target.

Early showcases have been promising for the new approach. The traditional real estate listing is usually a combination of high quality photographs, written content and a floor plan image. Most popular real estate portals provide different kinds of value models and calculations of area data and pricing history. Moreover, by adding virtual reality compatible 3D models, the listing offers a better look and feel of the property, with an engaging first impression.

“Manhattan, if any, is a value-driven marketplace. It is also an area with clear geographical boundaries, making it the best place in the world for new innovations. We are happy to notice all the positive feedback of local professionals and proptech investors like MetaProp, with early validation that markets are getting ready for this kind of disruptive service models”, says Mr. Jarmo Lumpus, CubiCasa founder and Head of Product Development.

Lumpus is available for live introductions in NYC between 6th – 13th December.

Image Recognition API: Artificial Intelligence solution for listing visuals and analytics

Another new value driver is a combination of computer vision and AI. CubiCasa’s Image Recognition API is able to classify images based on their characteristics and quality, thus helping real estate listing creators with real-time feedback. For example, the API is able to notify that there is no photos of the dining room, or the living room photo is not the best possible quality.

“The new API is a kind of checklist for those who actually decide what’s included in the listing. All content in the listing should be the best of quality, and appear as such with all devices. For brokers and real estate portals, this offers new possibilities for data analytics and developing better value models”, Lumpus states.

The Image Recognition API is the first of the series CubiCasa is rolling out in 2017. Unlike with most AI providers, the focus is solely on real estate vertical and business specific. This means the forthcoming API collection provides solutions unique to real estate industry, with a totally new set of benefits.

A-round starts in 2017

CubiCasa is raising a 1-2M€ series A investment in early 2017 to accelerate growth. “We seek to strengthen our networks, US sales team and technological capabilities”, says Mr. Harri Pesola, CubiCasa Founder and CEO. “Currently there is no global model for proptech, nor best practices. There is a huge opportunity in the real estate market to build something big and sustainable.

Pesola and other CubiCasa people are available in Slush, Helsinki in 30th Nov – 1st Dec.


Contact information

Jarmo Lumpus, Founder, Head of Product Development:, +1 929 2104220
Harri Pesola, Founder, CEO:, +1 650 278 1556
Link to demo:

Author: Aarne Huttunen

Aarne is the Chief Product Officer at CubiCasa. His main priority is to ensure that CubiCasa's users love to use the CubiCasa App and related APIs. Most likely you'll spot him next to a coffee cup in Helsinki or meet him in a conference running a wild scanning demo!

We're building technology to digitize the real estate around us, and while doing it, helping families to find better homes, approve mortgages and renovate their homes. We are located in Oulu, Helsinki, San Jose, and Ho Chi Minh City. Currently we are especially looking for software developers to join our team.

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